At Vacations That Matter, we believe that the best way for us to make a GLOBAL IMPACT is through support of charitable organizations within the Travel and Tourism industry. We share from 10%-20% of our net profit from every booking above $5,000 with vetted non-profit organizations that provide 100% of the contributions to projects that make a SUSTAINABLE DIFFERENCE in the local communities they serve worldwide. Whether it is supporting people through education, empowerment or skills training, or supporting conservation efforts for our animals and the environment, we encourage our clients to select one of our preferred charitable organizations or a cause they are passionate about to contribute to.

This is just one of the ways in which we GIVE BACK at Vacations That Matter.

Tourism Cares is the charitable arm of the travel and tourism industry. We unite the industry in three initiatives. We channel the philanthropic passion and commitment of the travel industry to protect and restore emerging or at-risk destinations. Our community invests in the future of our workforce through scholarships & mentoring programs, and we champion and improve the industry’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). In response to the terrible devastation of the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Tourism Cares urges the industry to fund immediate relief efforts – and to reserve some of your donation budget specifically for Nepal’s tourism industry and its long-term recovery.
Pack for a Purpose
Pack for a Purpose positively impacts communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit. They provide supply lists for destinations on their website which come directly from the local community-based projects receiving and using the supplies, enabling travelers to make informed decisions and to bring items which meet the needs of the local community. They believe people fortunate enough to travel to other countries often wish they could make meaningful contributions to help meet the needs of the places they visit. It’s a way of expressing appreciation for the experiences and hospitality they enjoy or simply expand their generosity beyond their own communities.
The travel industry is in the midst of a transformation toward greater equity and sustainability. At Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP), we are dedicated to positively impacting lives and livelihoods in the communities where our guests travel. We are equally committed to ensuring guests learn about our philanthropic investments as an integral part of their travel experience. From Africa to Asia, Latin America to the Antarctic, we are working with partner communities on education, health care, conservation and enterprise development projects. Today, AKP carries on A&K’s social and environmental commitments on a global scale with approximately 40 projects on all seven continents. Guests of A&K have the opportunity to visit these projects and support the further development of AKP’s investments in the natural and cultural heritage of diverse destinations around the world.
Planeterra supports sustainable social and environmental solutions in destinations travellers love to visit. Planeterra is a non-profit organization that helps empower local people to develop their communities, conserve their environment, and provide supportive solutions to local problems. They support a steady cycle of giving and investment, via their global network of travel industry partners, in the social and environmental needs of people and places in the destinations they serve worldwide.
The Sandals Foundation seeks to help fulfill the promise of the Caribbean community through investment in sustainable projects in education; environment and community which improve people’s lives and preserve our natural surroundings.
Human Connections was founded on the notion that seeing the world from many diverse perspectives inspires vision, innovation, and action towards lasting social change. Our work starts with our clients — low-income artisans, tradespeople, and business owners in western Mexico. We then invite travelers and students to visit and interact with our clients through day tours, seminars, internships, and externships. These experiences facilitate profound cross-cultural exchange and, as a result, mutual understanding flourishes and relationships form. Through the exchange of knowledge, perspectives, and resources, our programs also help to grow local businesses. We then channel the profits from our programs directly into English and business classes for our clients and their communities. While our model is multifaceted, our goal is simple: to foster transformative connections.
The Bodhi Tree Foundation is dedicated to mobilizing travelers and the tourism industry to protect places, help people and support cultures around the globe, preserving them for future generations of travelers to experience. The Foundation offers assistance to highly-effective, community-based organizations with a proven record of inspiring positive change in the areas they serve. JG Black Book is a founding sponsor and underwrites 100% of the administrative costs of the organization, insuring that ever dollar donated goes directly to the initiatives that need it most.