Do you want to give your family a meaningful travel experience  but don’t know how?

Have you always wanted to “pay it forward” and help make a difference but you can’t seem to find the time?
Would you like your children to fulfill their school community service hours while enjoying your next family vacation?

At Vacations That Matter, we specialize in planning inspiring, gratifying and memorable Voluntourism experiences. Our customized luxury vacations can combine sightseeing with a little volunteering allowing travelers to not only experience the sights, culture, cuisine and people of their dream destination, but also providing them with an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way through various direct service projects.

Some of the Benefits Our Clients Experience

  • Spending quality time and sharing real world experiences with family, friends or colleagues
  • Instilling empathy and inspiring gratitude in your children
  • Providing valuable educational experiences and opportunities to develop confidence, independence and adaptability while on vacation away from your home environment
  • Enjoying your vacation without having to stress about the research, planning, or details of a unique Voluntourism experience where you will likely gain more than you give

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